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Get Medications from Canadian and Authorized Foreign-based Pharmacies

Canadian Pharmacy has a well-developed network of trusted contracted pharmacies based in Canada and abroad, which allows us to keep prescription medication prices affordable for our customers. All our contracted pharmacies are duly certified and licensed and adhere to the highest professional and industry standards. By cooperating with so many drug outlets simultaneously, we are able to provide you with the most cost-effective solution available. At Canadian Pharmacy, you can be sure we will be offering you the lowest possible price we can possibly discover throughout our network.

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Easily Order the Most Needed Drugs from Home with One Click

Another significant benefit of buying your prescription meds from Canadian Pharmacy is the flexibility of being able to place an order online with just one quick click. No need to fill out lengthy forms or call a busy line to talk to a manager – just tap a few buttons on your smartphone screen whenever you have a minute, and we will process and ship your order to your doorstep promptly and safely.

Those placing an order for over 200.00 will get
free shipping as a thank-you bonus, while any orders below $49.00 will only be charged $9.99.

The shipping cost will not change based on the country the medication is delivered from or the number of items it contains.

Receive Your International and Canadian Pharmacy Meds delivered globally

No matter your location, top-quality and inexpensive prescription medications from our Canadian Pharmacy are just a click away. Understanding that recurring medical bills and thecost of prescribed meds can be a huge money drain for our customers, we do our best to keepour own prices low so that, even with international shipping, it will still be a more affordable dealthan purchasing drugs in your home country.

Our usual delivery times are 7-10 business days, and we guarantee that your order will arrive in full. Otherwise, we have a very friendly, no-hassle return and refund policy.

Have your drug prescriptions refilled

If you are a returning customer at Canadian Pharmacy, we will ensure that your prescription refill needs are covered fully and timely. You will not have to place an order for the same medications with us again and again – make a request for refills when ordering the drug for the first time and let us know how often you need it to be shipped to you. At the appropriate time, we will have your meds packed and shipped to you, and the cost will be automatically charged to your credit card. If something about your standing prescription refill order changes, you can make the necessary amendments at any time online.