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Biaxin (Clarithromycin): Effectively Counter Bacterial Infections

Biaxin is an antibiotic drug produced by the American company Abbott Laboratories. Its active ingredient, called Clarithromycin, was discovered in the 1980s. Since then, it’s been one of the primary mild antibiotic drugs. In spite of that, it has a lot of applications against countless maladies.


Biaxin generic is an antibiotic, which means it targets bacteria directly, and that’s supposed to help you with some bacterial infections. What it does specifically is hit them in their most important spot – the ribosome, where they synthesize proteins necessary for continued growth and reproduction.

What it means, essentially, is that the bacteria that caused the infection in the first place is neutered and is thus unable to expand said infection further. What’s more, the remaining bacteria will starve, and the immune system will help Biaxin destroy them completely. It’s all very efficient.

It’s considered a wide-spectrum drug overall, capable of fighting respiratory infections, skin diseases, pneumonia, tuberculosis, throat infections, as well as ulcers. What you usually do with it is take it orally in a tablet or liquid form. Additionally, the drug has comparably mild side effects, although it’s still not a terrifically comfortable ride.

It’s an antibiotic, meaning it can be dangerous if the dosage isn’t strictly adhered to, if you have certain intolerance to it, or for a generally weakened body. All of these are the reasons why Biaxin is a strictly prescribed drug, like all antibiotics anyway. Although it is a mild solution, it’s still pretty uncomfortable.

Buying Biaxin

Biaxin isn’t a particularly costly drug, all things considered. Its cost differs from place to place, and there are some especially costly variations, but the average price in the US is about $10 per tablet (500mg). It may not seem much, but it starts to add up if you need to undergo a longer treatment.

A much better idea is to buy it from Canada. It’s becoming increasingly more comfortable, now that you can order this stuff online and get it delivered to any corner of the country and to the United States. The usual price for a tablet of Biaxin here is around $3-4, and it’s possible to find even cheaper stuff.

Generic Biaxin

Generic Biaxin refers to the non-brand variation of this drug. It’s basically just called Clarithromycin and has all the same characteristics, effects, and composition. It’s also made by different companies, not the usual Abbott Laboratories. In spite of that, the quality is often on par with Biaxin itself.

The main benefit of generic Biaxin is that it’s incredibly cheaper compared to the real deal. It’s not the case of cutting corners or anything like that; they simply don’t spend money on any marketing of the drug. The name is familiar to anyone who gets prescribed this stuff, so it’s not really a loss.

As mentioned, the quality is comparable to the actual Biaxin, at least in Canada. Generic medicine here undergoes the same rigorous quality control process as brand medicine from big corporations, so there isn’t really a chance that it’s particularly flawed or dangerous to use.

As for the price benefit, the prices of generic Biaxin are usually even lower than the usual Canadian prices of regular Biaxin. You can easily buy it for less than $3 per tablet, and Canadian Pharmacy has Biaxin tablets that cost as little as $2, making it an outstanding money-saving option.

Adverse Effects

As mentioned, Generic Biaxin is relatively easygoing compared to some of the other antibiotics. There are still side effects, however, and it’s very possible that you’ll experience at least some of them at one point or another. That includes common stomachache, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, and similar issues.

They typically dissipate very soon and on their own, which is fine because they are pretty mild and really just bring discomfort. They can, however, develop into stronger, nastier problems. That largely means issues with the liver, such as jaundice and hepatitis, but tachycardia can also be part of the deal.

They won’t occur out of nowhere on their own. However, if you are predisposed to liver issues or if you had some in the past, the chances that you’ll develop these things are much higher. It’s not a guarantee, though, but it’s still risky. If you had such problems in the past, you should absolutely tell your doctor.

If you experience any severe or persistent side effects while taking Biaxin, you should contact your healthcare provider immediately. Additionally, if you experience symptoms such as fever, yellowing of the skin or eyes, dark urine, or unusual tiredness, you should seek medical attention right away, as these may be signs of more serious liver problems.

There are many medications that aren’t compatible with Biaxin. That includes some migraine solutions, remedies against asthma, and epilepsy, as well as Warfarin and Digoxin in particular. The latter two are a blood thinner and a heart medication respectively. Do tell your doctor about those, as well.

Taking Biaxin Generic

Your daily intake of Biaxin can vary widely based on your age, weight, your condition, tolerances, and many other factors. The most widespread dose is about 500mg every 12 hours for 1-2 weeks straight. It can be a lot lower or higher, the min-max doses being 250mg and 1000mg.

Your usual Biaxin routine is as follows. You should take it orally, preferably with food and water. There are several forms of this drug. It typically comes in tablets, liquid, or in granules. The dosage estimations here are for tablets, as they are absolutely the most popular way of taking this drug.

The most common Biaxin tablets come in weights of 250mg and 500mg. It’s pretty convenient, considering that Biaxin dosage usually comes in multiples of 250. These, however, can’t be split or chewed. These tablets have a strong coating for a reason, the taste is exceptionally bitter.